I’m Bill Critchley- an organisation psychologist specialising in top team development,executive coaching, and complex change.

Bill Critchley

Bill Critchley MBA MSc

It’s never been more important for organisations and executives to be able to adapt and innovate to keep up with an unpredictable and complex global business environment. For over 20 years, I’ve been working with organisations to not only minimise the constraints of bureaucracy, but also to improve their capacity to innovate and evolve.


  • Organisation change and transformation
  • Strategy and large group conferencing
  • Leading in complexity
  • Executive Team Development
  • Executive coaching

Executive Team Development

Senor teams have a significant impact on the culture and effectiveness of organisations, and working with them to enable them to work as a ‘team’. To work across the organisation and not just downwards through departments; addressing difficult issues, and modelling the kind of values and ways of working that they want to see. This approach to management plays a large role in enabling organisations to innovate and change.

For more information on the development of top teams, my article on the subject provides more information.

Organisation Psychology and Executive Coaching

As an experienced organisation psychologist, I approach organisations as complex social processes, and see communicative interaction as the core process.I help organisations move away from the pervasive ‘machine’ metaphor, instead paying attention to the quality of communications and interactions throughout the organisation.

I coach individuals to help them develop their capacity to engage people and to liberate the collective intelligence in the organisation as a whole.When I assist your organisation, I draw upon a range of perspectives and ideas to lead the transformation of your complex organisation in a positive and sustainable way.

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Transforming your complex organisation

Often, organisations become fixated on trying to stay ahead of the rate of change, which can lead to high amounts of stress, and activity for activity’s sake. It is important to balance change and stability in order to bring about sustainable improvement.


While Initiatives may be necessary, I think we need to make time for, and legitimise reflection; reflection on the complex web of interactions, the systemic patterns and emerging issues. All too often, these issues aren’t recognised and discussed, often because of anxiety about raising those difficult issues.

So you need to bring people together to have those important and difficult conversations because, however knowledgeable and experienced you are, one person cannot transform the organisation on their own. Leaders need to mobilise the collective intelligence of the organisation at large. The ability to bring employees together to have important discussions on these issues is essential to being able to transform an organisation.

The ability to bring employees together to have important discussions on these issues is essential to being able to transform an organisation.