Relational & Organisation Consultant in London

I'm an independent Organisation Consultant specialising in developing organisations’ capacity for change and innovation.

Having spent time with Sheppard Moscow and Ashridge Consulting, my practice is informed by a deep theoretical knowledge of Organisation Development. This deep theoretical knowledge of Organisation Development is further augmented through my training in Gestalt and over a decade's worth of research into the complexity perspective on organisations.

I'm an Associate of Ashridge Consulting, and founded the Ashridge MSc in Organisation Consulting and the Ashridge programme, Coaching for Consultants. Additionally, I'm a visiting Professor at Middlesex University, and gained my MBA from Cranfield School of Management.

Further qualifications:

  • Diploma in Organisation Consulting (Gestalt)
  • Diploma in Clinical Psychotherapy (from the Gestalt Practitioners Training Institute)
  • Gestalt Psychotherapy MSc, Middlesex University

Ashridge, Middlesex University, Cranfield University School of Management

‘The Consultants’ Consultant’

I am seen by many of the organisations I work with as The Consultants' Consultant, and they always turn out to be right! Not only did I initiate, design and lead the Ashridge Masters in Organisation Consulting (AMOC), I mentor and ‘supervise’ a number of organisation coaches and Executive Coaches.

Leading AMOC (which now has a Doctoral stream), whilst also maintaining a full consulting workload, was an enormous source of learning and experience I often draw upon.

A unique combination for professional organisation consulting

Having written a number of articles that have proven ground-breaking for organisation consultation, I see myself as a ‘practitioner-academic’, combining consulting practice with academic supervision to provide a superior level of service.

I also practice as a psychotherapist, which helps me to understand the process of change to an even greater extent. My unique combination of business experience, consulting experience and a deep knowledge of organisation theory and psychology place me at a unique advantage to help you bring about meaningful and innovative change at your organisation.

Some recent client relationships

  • I worked with a major pharmaceutical company, helping them with Leading Transformation through Empowerment.
  • I have worked with a number of NHS Trust Boards to improve their effectiveness.
  • I helped Jaguar/Landrover to develop their change capability by creating a combination of workshops and Action Learning sets.
  • I worked with a major British retailer to develop the effectiveness of their Management Board.
  • The BBC needed an experienced organisation consultant to develop their leadership capability.
  • I’ve worked with PwC Partners to develop their leadership practices.
  • I developed and facilitated a major chance process for an organisation that supplies components to the automotive industry.

For more information about me or the organisation consultancy services I provide, please don’t hesitate to email or call 07831 176 810 today.