Business consultancy services

Every company needs to innovate in order to grow. As a process consultant, it’s my job to enable people to have the conversations which they need to have about what it really going on in the here and now, and to engage people in robust dialogue about the changes which are needed in order to realise sustainable goals.


Throughout the process, I’ll help your organisation in a number of ways, using a variety of approaches to help you articulate and achieve optimal organisation and business development.


Top Team Development

As the business consultant’s consultant, I regularly work with senior executive groups to help them clarify the purpose of their organisation and their roles within it. I’ll help you to reflect on how your top team works together to make decisions, and if there are any improvements that can be implemented to benefit your organisation as a whole.


Change and Transformation

Change is an inherent part of any successful organisation. In order to ensure your organisation evolves in a positive and sustainable way, I will work with you and your executives to implement a lightly structured and dynamic inquiry process. Through this, we’ll mobilise the change potential in your organisation by encouraging initiatives, promoting innovation and removing habits and practices which inhibit change.


Strategy and large group conferencing

Old models of ‘rolling out’ strategy rarely work in today’s competitive environment. I help organisations to approach strategy as a complex and dynamic (non-linear) process that results from the ongoing interaction between your organisation’s intention and the marketplace.

By using large group conferencing techniques, I’ll help you to bring together stakeholders to review emergent strategy in action, alongside developing practical strategic intentions.


Leading in Complexity

Working with the senior management of your organisation, I’ll help you to draw ideas from sociology and complexity science to address some of the problems with the predominant metaphor as the organisation as ‘machine’. By seeing your organisation in a different way, you may develop a more radical and effective approach to the practice of leadership.


Executive Coaching

My early career has given me experience with organisation consultancy, academia and management, including the development and implementation of long-running coaching programmes with business schools. Coupled with being an experienced psychotherapist, I offer executive business coaching sessions to provide you with the unique combination of business experience and psychological insight.


Other Specialisms

  • Large and small group meeting facilitation
  • Working with HR departments to clarify their role and purpose, as well as developing their core skills
  • Developing Action Learning skills
  • Leading Action Learning sets
  • Developing coaches and consultants
  • Supervising coaches and consultants

To ensure your organisation is running as efficiently and successfully as possible, call me on 07831 176 810 or email me to discuss your requirements.