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‘Through five powerful questions and twelve lessons in leadership, Bill (Critchley) challenges prevailing assumptions on leadership whilst provoking the reader to enquire into their own experiences of working in and leading organisations. This book (‘Letters to a Leader; twelve Lessons in being a Leader’) is a concise and brilliant exploration of the key facets of leadership and combines practical case studies with prompts for action. It is essential reading for anyone looking to make a meaningful difference through their leadership.’

 Chris Askew OBE

Chief Executive, Diabetes UK


Bill has known for thirty years that, contrary to what many business books say, real organisational life is “messy”. (e.g. Critchley’s Law: ‘the number of unintended consequences will at least equal the number of intended consequences.) Thankfully he also gives us a wealth of practical lessons and tips to navigate through it in a whole new, unexpected, practical, and deeply humane way. I can see myself giving a copy of this book to every person I coach, and drawing practical ideas and reassurance from my own copy for years to come.

 Catherine Devitt

Chief Executive of Meyler Campbell, a leading coach training organisation

Bill Critchley's Letters to a Leader brings a fresh approach to leadership studies. Spirited and concise, the book proposes that extra-ordinary management is best achieved when leaders are willing to move away from conventional ideas of leadership and, instead, are prepared to adopt a relational view which understands and works within a perspective of organisations as complex, interactive, social processes. The implications of this shift from fixed entity to fluid process for leaders is explored via a sequence of five 'letters' packed full of practical wisdom, pertinent case vignettes, and multiple challenges to dominant assumptions about leadership. I feel certain that every reader of this fine book will be enriched by it. Professor Ernesto Spinelli, existential therapist and executive coach.

 Professor Ernesto Spinelli

Existential therapist and executive coach

You can buy my book, 'Letters to a Leader' at Libri's website ( in the UK, at Amazon, and all good book retailers. 

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